TOTAL UPRAWR is the most epic party in the known universe.  

Taking place in London & Birmingham, Total UPRAWR exists for the sole purpose of bringing you the most amazing night club parties. We lower your inhibitions and teach you the world of how to get fucked up (whilst “drinking responsibly”). This leaves you with the comfort that when you’re old, ugly and nobody loves you, at least right now while young and pretty you’re a part of something special.  

As we bring you world class theme nights, epic sound systems & the UK’s hottest models. The TOTAL UPRAWR team devote their time in bringing you closer to the biggest bands of the ‘alt universe’.  

Bands such as ALL TIME LOW, YOU ME AT SIX, DEAF HAVANA, KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES & THE BLACKOUT have been booked for DJ sets.  

The UPRAWR LIVE division have bought you the likes of Of Mice & Men, Tonight Alive, Pierce The Veil, Motionless In White, Letlive, Kids In Glass Houses, The Devil Wears Prada, Woe Is Me & more.   These are shows we will look back on through all the sweat and darkness, remembering only the brilliance of what took place. If you want to love a band, watch them with us.